Puppy Socialization

The Good Dog Project’s Puppy socialization at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital is an opportunity for puppies to experience people, dogs, surfaces, noises and more in a low-stress environment to create positive experiences.


Who should come?

puppy in snow

Puppies between 9 weeks and 16 weeks. Each puppy must at least have one round of DA2PP and Bordetella 1 week prior to class starting. Please wait at least 10 days after getting your new puppy to join class.

*Please do not bring your puppy to class if they are showing any signs of illness; Throwing up, diarrhea, not eating or drinking or coughing

Why is Puppy socialization important?

Early, proper, socialization of a puppy has huge benefits for you and your dog as they grow up. Exposure to puppies, people, surfaces and noises at an early age will allow your puppy to gain confidence before the door closes on a critical period of development. If you isolate your puppy or they miss out on this critical socialization, your dog could develop behavioral problems like fear, avoidance and even aggression later in life.


What to Expect

The social hour will be broken down into different activities. The majority of this class will focus around off-leash play. During play time we will incorporate body handling, collar grabs, bite inhibition and impulse control exercises. We will also work with some different surfaces, obstacles and scenarios to expose your puppy to different textures, surfaces, noises and stability. In the case of any puppy being more shy or reserved we will adjust accordingly and can create a space to make them feel more comfortable. The key to this class is to expose your puppy to new things slowly and easily so that we build confidence on their terms. We will have a lead Trainer and several helpers to watch puppy play and to help guide you and your puppy through class. Our Trainers Jayson and Patrice from In Good Paws Dog Training will be there to answer any of your Puppy training related questions or concerns.


What you need to bring

  • Leash, flat collar/ harness

  • Treats (soft and easily breakable are best)

  • Medical records

Worried about your puppy not being fully vaccinated

We understand your concern!

We take every precaution to make puppy socialization as safe as possible. The area in which class will be held is cleaned prior to class starting with veterinary recommend cleaning products. We ask that all puppies attending wait 10 days prior to starting class after bringing them home to ensure your puppy won’t break with any illness. During that 10 days we recommend that every puppy is seen by a vet to ensure each puppy is healthy and on track with their vaccines. No puppy will be allowed in class without a copy of their vaccines present or prior to the start of class.

*Please do not bring your puppy to class if they are showing any signs of illness; Throwing up, diarrhea, not eating or drinking or coughing

*We also ask that you do NOT take your puppy to a dog park as the risk of exposure to illness is very high and we take the health of all our clients very seriously!

Although it is not recommended you take your puppy who isn’t fully vaccinated to a dog park or pet store for socialization because it can be unsanitary the cleaning protocols taken at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital cut down the risk of illness significantly. If you want to read more about socialization and the risks vs. the benefits check these out.

American Veterinary Society ofAnimal Behavior: Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

APDT: Are Early Socialization and Infectious Disease Prevention Incompatible?

Early puppy socialization classes: Weighing the risks vs. benefits


In Partnership with In Good Paws Dog Training :

Cost: $15 per class or buy a package of 4 for $55

Feel free to contact us with any questions at: puppysocialization@gmail.com