Private Training

Private sessions are set up for the dog that needs a more individualized approach. They allow for the trainer to work directly with the dog and the owner to come up with a training plan that will best meet your goals. These usually take place at our facility, in-home or the area in which goals are trying to be obtained.

Basic Obedience

Private sessions are built to work on individualized issues you might be having with your puppy or dog. We can cover sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, Leave-it, drop-it, place, watch me, touch, general socialization, potty training and crate training but sessions are built around your training goals and your puppy or dogs abilities.

Whether you are working on your dog polity sitting for his food or not jumping on your guests, with one-on-one sessions we can help you achieve your goals. Message us and we can set up a consultation to go over your training goals and begin a plan.

Price :

$240 /Four Sessions

$360/Six Sessions

$65/Single Session

Behavior Modification

These sessions are built for dogs who are experiencing issues outside of basic obedience issues, like, reactivity or aggression towards dogs or people, fear, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and more.  These one-on-one sessions provide us with the ability to focus on step by step directions to begin change in behavior.

Price: $360/Four sessions

$510/Six sessions

$95/Single session

*price may vary with location or need of an assistant