Meet the Trainer


Hi, my name is Jayson and I am the owner and head trainer here at The Good Dog Project. I have a passion for dogs and the people who own them. I'm a dog owner, certified dog trainer, animal shelter volunteer and the Director of Behavior at a local dog rescue.

I went to Catch Canine Trainers Academy to obtain a better knowledge of dog behavior and graduated with a certificate in pet dog training (CPDT). With my five years of experience in dog rescue and shelter work, I have seen and handled a wide range of behavior issues. In addition to my role at the shelter, I also foster dogs. Living with dogs who have issues like: separation anxiety, leash reactivity, resource guarding and just general unruly behaviors gives me the ability to relate to what you may be going through right now.  I have a wide range of knowledge of each issue and how to work with them. Each dog and situation is different and we will work together to help you and your dog build a better relationship. 

                                               -Jayson Arko


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