The Good Dog Project

The Good Dog Project

Working together with you and your dog to build a better relationship


training with positive reinforcement

Working with you and your dog to solve your most frustrating issues. If your dog is Barking, Jumping, Pulling , Over-Excited or experiencing other behavioral issues we can help. Without using tools to hurt, intimidate or force your dog we help you build a bond and understanding of your dog to effectively implement change with science based training techniques.

See what our clients are saying!

“While visiting family in Colorado, we set up 6 training sessions with Jayson to help our Beagle/Lab (Hamish) mix work on his social skills and leash training! While 6 sessions doesn't seem like a lot, Hamish completely transformed! He went from pulling uncontrollably, to walking right by our side. He went from being nervous and lunging around new dogs, to not reacting when they walk by or are nearby 

Jayson also provided us with tons of information and recommendations on how to transition Hamish's training at home. He is FILLED with dog knowledge and works wonders with dogs!

I would, hands down, recommend Jayson for you and your dog! Thanks for all you did for us!”

- Amanda S.

“Jayson is an enthusiastic trainer who takes pride in his own education and has a great passion for the well being if the animals in his care. I highly recommend him as a fellow dog professional.”

-Drew W.

“Jayson has been training our puppy Maverick for the last 4 months, and has done amazing work! Maverick has a big personality,and Jayson has been nothing but kind and patient when working with him. Jayson is very flexible with scheduling, and each training session is filled with new lessons and useful puppy/dog knowledge. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does, and it shows with how talented he is while working with dogs. I would recommend Jayson to anyone who is interested!

- Kelsey M.


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